Here are some comments from Michele’s happy clients:

I would like to say thank you to Michele for her spiritual guidance and advice she gave me. She touched on topics that she could not have known that were deep and personal to me that helped me guide me the right direction in life. I want to say thank you and please, contact her with any help that you may need, from a loved one, spiritually, and otherwise!

Thank you so much Michele, I really appreciate this so much!! Hugs to you!! Thank you It really is so comforting.

You have comforted me. Thank you. I feel closer to my lost loved one from your words.

I take all that you have shared with me very seriously and have given it a lot of thought.

 I’m speechless..I’m so thankful and can’t thank you enough.

 Michele is a very talented psychic medium whose accuracy in her impressions and visions stun those who have witnessed her gift.

I had a reading done by Michele and my Dad came through to talk to me. What an amazing and moving experience!

Michele made me feel comfortable and at ease, chose her words wisely, and was extremely accurate when conveying what my Dad was saying to her for me.  It was an awesome experience having my Dad speak the words I needed to hear with the help of Michele’s gift of speaking to the spiritual side.  Every phrase (his words/terminology) he spoke and even gestures (rubbing his hands when upset or speaking of serious subjects) were spot on in knowing this was really him.  No doubt this was him, my Dad, my hero.

Michele has an amazing gift and the fact that she does readings to help people hear the healing words they need in their time of grief or need is truly a blessing.  I was lucky enough to have been given this touching experience to help me deal with my Dad’s passing and to confirm without a doubt that our loved ones never really leave us.

 I just want to say in closing, Michele, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in knowing that my Dad is always by my side now and forever. Tracy M.


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